Case Studies

How Have Our Clients Done?

We wish we could say we hit home runs every time, but honestly, that wouldn’t be true. For the most part, though, our clients have done quite well.

Here are eight recent examples:

A Real Estate Investing Training Course: 

In less than one year of advertising for them, they became the 33rd fastest growing company in the online education space. We were able to hit their internal goal of 100k customers, and are now about to double that goal.

An Online Coding Bootcamp: 

This was a tough one that took A LOT of work. Here, the business wanted to double revenue within 1 year (they were already making 8 figures)… while remaining profitable. Well, guess what? We more than doubled their revenue in year 1, and then doubled it again in year two. And then they were acquired. For a LOT of money. 

An Hourly Coworking Space in California: 

Our first attempt was so bad, we never got a second chance. But we took it on the chin in accordance with our risk-free agreement. Can’t win ‘em all. (By the way, we also referred them to someone else we thought would be a good fit).

A Financial Advisory Service: 

We ran millions of advertising dollars on YouTube, Discovery and Display ads with a 50% profit margin for over two years. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely seen this brand on the internet.

An Automotive Dealer Collective: 

Our ads generated 15-20% monthly sales growth, and 120% yearly growth. We were the first dealer in the market to adopt YouTube Ads, and saw 40% sales increases on SUV’s as a result.

A Hot Silicon Valley B2B Saas Startup: 

We took over this account from one of top ranked agencies in the US. In the first month, we doubled leads, and cut cost per lead in half…with the same budget. And at the end of year 1, as we were looking at revenue results…this is what we found:

Of all the google leads that closed, 34% of them came from YouTube ads. For B2B Saas. You know what the previous agency said about YouTube ads for B2B? That it couldn’t be done…not even for lead gen. Well, so much for that.

A Premium Adult Incontinence Brand: 

Our advertising helped play a part in their “Cinderella” success story.

When we first began working with them three years ago, their website sales were less than $10,000 per month. And they only spent $1,000 from Google Ads. Since then, sales have increased, and they now earn over $125,000 per month — that’s more than 10x growth! On top of that, Google ads now represents more than half of their online sales.

A Mortgage Comparison Company in Switzerland: 

This is a new client, and our ads are still in the early stages. But the results look promising. Here they are:

In the first month after taking over, the percentage of qualified leads has doubled, the cost per qualified lead has cut in half, and we’re spending twice as much. By our math, that’s 8x more qualified leads than they were getting before! It is a long sales cycle, though, so we need some time to make sure those deals turn into cold hard cash.

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