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Yup! You read right, here’s an unbeatable offer: If we can’t beat your best campaign.. we’ll pay you cold hard cash!

The C&H Difference

Why Work With Us?

We Treat Advertising As Salesmanship

Most advertising agencies agree that advertising must sell. But we don’t think that most of them live by that mantra as religiously as we do.

We Do Our Research

We take all the data you’ve got. Every testimonial, every quote, every survey, (even the refund reasons), and extract everything we can.

We take it apart and examine it under a microscope. We interview your users. We’ll use it ourselves, if we can. Then we compare it with your competition. All this to find your unique selling proposition—that one thing that makes your product different.

We Test, Learn, & Scale

Finally, we put together a campaign and show logically, factually, and visually why yours is the best product to fill a specific need.

We’ve proven time and time again (with sales results, not likes or shares), that a strong product and good advertising are an almost unbeatable combination.

Where We Advertise

Our Expertise

Direct-Response B2B YouTube Video Ads

Get Powerful YouTube Video Ads That Almost Force People To Take Action

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Google & Microsoft PPC Search Advertising

Put Your Offer On Paid Search Results, So New Customers Can Find You Easily

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Facebook & Instagram Ads That Work

Get New Customers By Advertising Where Customers Are Spending Their Time Online

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94% Win Rate

Case Studies

A Financial Advisory Service

Ran YouTube, Discovery and Display ads with a 50% profit margin for over two years

A Silicon Valley B2B SaaS Startup

Generated 34% of their leads from YouTube Ads (They said it couldn’t be done)

A Mortgage Comparison Firm

Drove 8x more qualified leads in just the first month

Meet Our Experts

The Calvin & Hodges Team

Brandon ‘BK’ Kinney


David Hodges


Eli Beggs

Senior Marketing Strategist

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